Ragnarok 5550mah Boro Mod

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We are happy to release our newest mod for you all to enjoy. The original def boro was our first crack at boro devices and we learned a lot.  After sitting and brainstorming I realized what the community lacked was a boro mod with some balls so to speak.  The goal of this boro mod was to make a mod that you could leave your house for the day and not bring 3-5 batteries and chargers.  This mod will last most people around 2-4 days per charge with heavy chain vaping.  Kiss having to change batteries all day good bye! The mod is a 100w device and unlike other boro mods that use the 100w chipset that use single Lion cell (21700 etc) batteries you will NEVER get the dreaded weak battery message once you get to a certain percentage of battery left. Thats because the Max Amps 100c lipo installed in the mod is a 1s3p lipo. On the inside we are using solid .999 fine silver solid wire to run to the negative ground from 510 to board. If your looking for the smallest boro on the market this is not for you. If your looking for a work horse boro mod that you can leave the house with just it and a bottle of juice and be good all day, this is your new baby! 

 The first picture is the design version. It has the new Ragnarok design inlayed the mod for a super nice hand feel. We then hit it with cerakote to make the design stand out. Lastly we sand down the raised design so white is mostly left in the inlay leaving the design original color and makes it pop. 

 The 2nd and 3rd pictures is the Smooth finish. No design no nothing. Just a workhorse.  If you want a Smooth design version with custom cerakote we can do that for you as well for extra cost. 

Dimensions - 95 x 60 x 42 mm