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We are pleased to offer our customers our first ever interchangeable panel mod. The mod uses a dna 250c board and powered with a max amps 4s 1850mah lipo. The panels on this mod are interchangeable. Meaning when you want new panels with a new design simply order a panel set from us and when they arrive to you simply take old panels off and put new panels on your mod. This mod also comes with a free set of Burton panels ($100 value). After you order our graphic designer will contact you via email used on order and you will get a 1 on 1 session with him to create the artwork for your new mod. We have a listing up where you can buy more panel sets for the mods as you wish.  We use high quality metal panels that will last forever.  Our panels offer rich vibrant colors.

Product Dimensions- 112mm x 61mm x 38mm

Requires a micro usb cord to charge mod which is included in your order.

The images on this mod is an example of the color quality we do. It was a custom made image for a customer and cant be reused. Jeremy Burton will email you and you will get to create your own design for your new mod.