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Custom Battery wraps for 18650 and 21700 batteries

You have 2 options- 

1)buy just the wraps and install them yourself. We are using the old school clear wraps with a printed design under it. You wrap the printed design around the battery and then insert the clear wrap over it and then use a heat gun to finish install. Its fairly easy to install

2)You can buy a battery with the design you want installed on it by us. This option you will be shipped a brand new 18650 or 21700 with the wrap applied for you and ready to use.  The supplied batteries are - 21700 Molicel p42a and 18650 molicel p28a

Custom design option - for this option submit your order and then email us and tell us what you want on it. If you are a def mod owner and want a wrap to match your mod we can do that too. If your wanting any other custom images please attach the photo to the email you send and we will add our logo and make the wrap for you. 

we cant guarantee these style wraps will fit all TUBE style mods. Sled style mods they should work in just about everything. Tubes however have slight tolerance differences that could prevent the wraps from sliding in. 

install guide -